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Books: Our Authors

Girl Teeth

by Christina Brown

Christina Brown's Girl Teeth is a fiercely honest collection of poems worth biting into. She unwraps womanhood, befriends fear, "conjures the ghosts" of past loves, pays tender tribute to strength and femininity, and accurately paints "the lines between curiosity and violence," all reasons why we grow teeth. These poems talk to each other, and as a reader, it's a cathartic thrill to be able to eavesdrop on the conversation. This book will make a mark in your memory, like "leaving a small tube of moisturizer in every ex-lover's apartment."


Ghosts of Menace Street

by J.T. Shannon

John Shannon has written a poignant, heartbreaking exploration of pain and trauma. These are poems that sear the soul, simple and yet profound meditations on grief and guilt and longing. As [the author] recalls the poverty and apparent hopelessness of his childhood, what emerges is a portrait of compassion and courage, and of survival. One poem begins, "I am a being that shouldn't be/I am against the odds."

A remarkable collection.

- Robin Russin, Professor of screenwriting at UCR

Virtual book release reading July 25, 2021.

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